How to have a scrolling title bar

How to have such effect in kodular?
I tried this with deephost extension but then i cannot use scroll handler.

A search in community gives following results

Also this :point_down:

I know parallax effect infact i’m even using it but the thing i want is a little different.
You see when you use google or youtube when you scroll down the title bar scroll downs and no matter what your scroll position is whenever you scroll up the title bar comes down. I hope you are getting me

Then I think it may be possible with ScrollHandler extension. Just detect the scroll direction and then scroll the titlebar accordingly. You need to experiment with it a little.

I will try it and update you if successful, but not now.

thank you, i have been trying and trying a lot from the past 2 days, using the scroll handlers. i could detect the direction whether it is upward or downward could even link up the title bar’s motion with the scroll but the positioning isnt working. i can only get the title bar if the scroll position is nearly 0 as if the title bar was in the scroll arrangement but not from any position.

Did you try Again?

Yeah i tried still no sucess.