How To Have The Same Account On That Screen Without Re-logging In When You Switch To A Different Screen

The user registers on the screen named ‘Screen1’ and when the registration is successful, he switches to the screen named ‘main’. When you switch to the ‘Home’ screen, the account the user is logged into/registered with does not appear on the ‘Home’ screen. How can I do that.

Use tinydb . On successful signup save the details in tinydb

Are you using firebase authentication?

Yes authentication available

How will I use the information I saved in Tinny on the other screen?

if you save the details in tiydb, then the same tag can be used in any screens with the same tag

but I can’t log out of the account on the second screen because I entered the account on the first screen and redirected it to the second screen.

Greetings @UtrioN ,

I have gone through your query and have attached a few blocks to give you some idea. Do check it out and let me know your response.

Also, you can access any value from TinyDB all across your app.

Happy Koding!

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It worked for me, thank you, but the account does not appear as logged in on the second screen.

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You have to put a label. And check the condition. When logged in is true keep the text of the label to Loggedin. That’s all!

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