How to Hide class on WebViewer

hi i can not hide a class on a web view why? can someone hel me?
i used this on a "evaluate javascript "
function hide() { document.getElementById(‘Classnamehere’).style.visibility = false };

but still did not work pls help. i would really appreciate if you also send me some more screenshot to understand it easily but it is not necessary.

So its a class or id?

Class only

I didn’t know about JS. but I think it should be document.getElementsByClassName?

But you are using… ById

so it have to be document.getElementsByClassName let me try and i will send you !!!

not working

Just curious. What is the website from which you are trying to hide a class?

Is that your own website? If not do you have permission to use the content?

Then you need to learn some basic JavaScript knowledge

document.getElementsByClassName(‘Classnamehere’)[0].style.visibility = false;

getElementsByClassName returns the result as an array of all child elements which have all of the given class name.
You need to select the child by specifying the index. (I did it in the above code)

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yes you need to add it on evaluate js

Ok I will try and let you know

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what do you want to hide here? image or whole nav bar

Code for hiding nav bar - document.getElementsByClassName('tm-navbar uk-navbar')[0].style.display = 'none';
Download AIA (1.6 KB)


Give sec to check it

learned something new today :grin:

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Worked Thanks A lots!!!

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