How to hide title bar in chrome custom tabs?

How to hide title bar in chrome custom tabs?

I want to hide that chrome title bar. Is there any way we can do it?

I don’t find the chrome tabs component in Kodular anymore

it is there as custom tabs

no pssible

there might be some way to it.
or another method of using chrome with android app.

other people do it in android studio, I dont now how to do it on kodular.

no there is no way
only waay iis use custom web view extension with web viewer

can you share more details?
custom webview does not require webview component it works alone.

how custom webview can be used as chrome?

tell wat site u want to show up inn custom tabs

there are some features that dont work on webview android but work on chrome.

Set Show Title to false.

this method does not work!

i knew it wont but use the custom web extension and try

Hey can you share the link of the extension?

wait the extension is famous in almost every community give it a try urself by searching in community

are you talking about custom webview?

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