How to remove top link bar in Chrome Custom Tab?

How to remove top link bar in Chrome Custom Tab?

Shown in image below? :point_down:

I TRIED THIS BUT DIDNT WORK :point_down: :point_down:

Currently i am using Webviewer and want to show Google adsence on my website.

Google Adsence Ads are shown webview. But now google ads policy says to use ChromenTabs.
Its written in Adsence Policy :point_down: :point_down:


This is by default set in this that the url will automatically hide on scroll so you can hide it manually

Or you can do this set this


It only works on scrolling.

I want to compltely remove it like a Webviewer.

It can be done throught code. But just wanted to know possible In Kodular.

Still this is not possible with default blocks but let me check any extension for you

There is no extension for that.

But then also Thanks

If someone can make an like that extension it will be great alternative for webview as it has limited features.

Custom webview extensions also have limitations.

Chrome Custom webview will be great. Someone please try.

What limitations ? :thinking:

What features do you need ?

  1. Removeable Top Bar.
  2. Editable Chrome Custom Tabs Options. (The 3 dots on right top of screen. That Options.)

Why not used Webview and place adsense ads in website ?

If you want to place ads !!

Webview lack many features.

Google also prefer Chrome Tabs over Webview for Ads.