How to Increase Loading Speed of dynamic image

Hello, Everyone hope all are fine.
Currently I am working wallpaper App in which I am using Dynamic components Extension by @yusufcihan.
I am loading images dynamically by using Pixabay Api.
But It takes lot time to load image even with good internet connection.

You can try this Apk and give any suggestions.
OneWallpaper (33).apk (5.8 MB)


Btw on main screen click on space to open images,I have not set blocks for other catagory. :sweat_smile:

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Maybe that’s because image sizes are too big. :thinking:

I think you can increase the loading speed with thumbnails, but I don’t know how to create it for a online image.

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I can understood if it takes 3-5or 10 sec but it takes 20-25 sec and that’s not good for app.

Bad luck.

would you like share link of website from where you are getting image because i’m getting result of pixabay when i search pixbay

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Ohh my mistake, It’s Pixabay… Do you have any suggestion or solution

ok then i think it can be fixed…

what you have to do load image of specific height and width…

According to documentation, just replace height and width in url…

Ok, I will check it, Thanks for it.

yes, and must read the url carefully which you are getting to load image it will become easier to solve it

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Because, It’s first time I am using Api so I don’t know much. :grin:

By the way i have never used api :grin: only learned a little bit when i was working on facebook login method…


Hey, @nikzdreamer2001 I am using Preview URL which is with lowest Resolution.

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ok just check that if you load image from preview url then is it looking good or not…

I mean currently I am using Preview URL, then also it’s taking time to load. There’s no lower resolution than that.

It’s only for preview

See here, you can try the app.

Ok wait let me study your blocks…

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Bug in your app

It’s working fine, I checked just now.

And about the bug is it is but when you scroll very slowly near the top position then it occurs. I don’t know what to do

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Try it after clearing data​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Working, I will chek tomorrow what’s the problem.
Thanks for help. Btw we are going away from main problem :grin:

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Yes :joy::joy: because it’s nit working on my phone

OneWallpaper (32).apk (5.8 MB)
Check this One.