Image loading time

In my App i collect user photos and upload them on cloudinary and in an another screen i get a specific user photo from cloudinary with photos url
now the problem is images are little big like 3mb or 2mb and for that its taking a lot of time to load the picture
can i decrease loading time or show a progress during this or can do it in backgroud???

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pls check up, Whether this will be useful to you or not…

i tried it but not worked

Can you show us what you have tried ??

If not try this extension.

I already limit the images to 720x720 and Quality Eco when uploading to Cloudinary. This is completely automatic when uploading.
These are upload presets on your Cloudinary settings page. It requires some time to try them out.

When displaying the images I use an extension that also caches them to reduce data consumption. There you can also set a loading image.

DM me if you like to know more about default presets in detail.