How to install an app programmatically?

How can I use the activity starter to get an APK file path? I’m trying on 8.0 and it’s not working!

you might want to elaborate, what exactly you are talking about

I am trying to have them click the button, then select an apk theyd like to upload, then I’d get the file path and upload the apk… But, when I tried, it didnt work with the activity starter on Android 8.0.0

you like to select one of the apps, which are installed on the device? or something else?
where do you like to upload the apk file? to Google Play? somewhere else?
you might want to add a screenshot of what you have tried…

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To Firebase, I’ve tried the tutorial you gave me on the Thunkable Community but, it didn’t work for me… Id like them to select an APK from their Device File Explorer

What exactly does not work for you? to pick a file or to upload a file to Firebase?
It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.

PS: you might want to learn, how to ask great questions…

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I need them to pick the file, so I can get the path they got the apk from and upload the apk to Firebase

I’m sorry @Taifun, I said that all wrong, I need to install an app programically, but what I tried isn’t working

I also need an upload function to upload an APK they choose they made to Firebase, so other users can download it from our Store

ok, I now edited the subject of this thread for you…
How to download and install another app using the Activity Starter
see also the Q&A section there
see also

PS: for completely new questions please start a new thread

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I figured it out! Below is the solution on how to select only an APK file from the File Chooser.

Solution for File Chooser

By going to, I found out that the Action would have to be android.intent.action.GET_CONTENT and the Data Type would have to be application/ in order for the File Chooser to show and the user select an APK. This is working for Oreo 8.0, if it does not work on lower versions, try setting the Action as android.intent.action.VIEW

Solution for installing the selected APK

In the near future when Device Manager 2.0 is released, you will have the ability to install an APK using a block as long as you have the path.

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