How to know if the application is in the good version

hello, is there a way for the application to check if the version of the application is the same as that of the play store, to see if the version on the mobile is up to date or not. Thank you

Use Package Utils component and use getVersionCode it returns your app version code.

Does this can check the versions between the mobile and google play store ?

Use in app update component or Update My App - Extension - Useful to app builders to update their distributed apps

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It checks which app version is installed in phone.
You can use logic block to check whether it’s equal or not with playstore app version.
You have to get the app version of Playstore first by any database.

Is there an exemple of use of it ?, Or a picture wich show how blocks are used ?


You can have the complete work of the extension UpdateMyApp here:

Hi, i can t make the apk with your aia file:

Yail error, screen1, can t accès property ‘‘match’’, a is undefined

This is because aia was ceated with MIT App Inventor, go to project settings and set them again even if they are all set. Check Theme, Rtl Support, Lists as Json, Minimum Api Level …

All seems to be ok, and now, it s written error with indexOf

Try this modified to work with Kodular, aia . Original was created by @Automate_My_Project

UpdateMyAppVer1K.aia (102.5 KB)

Thanks, this one works good

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