How to make a currency calculator?

how to make an currency calculator?
if you know then please help me with this.

Exchange Rates keep Changing.
Most Probably you need an API.

Like -


You can add web viewer in your app and then search for currency calculator in Google or anything else. Then, set it’s home url to that url and build your app

If it is your solution so mark it as solution

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You can use Offline by Formula of Currency to other

YEs this one will be correct.

which formula :thinking:

as i said above -

you still need Exchange Rates to perform calculations.


Yes Then Api Only Can Help else He Should Update his app Regularly For My Method

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If you understand Hindi, then follow this tutorial available on YouTube:

If you don’t understand Hindi, then just follow the steps. In the same way, you can extract currency from live website and show it to users without using any API.


Sorry but Providing the .aia is never the Solution.

A famous saying from Community itself -
Teach Fishing Don’t Provide the Fish.


Oh yes

I have deleted it

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You can use the Math Components. And you can also simply use a webviewer.

API is the only option
Webviewer will show other websites and that will be not our work
Take for example today’s rate is Rs. 60/1USD
And if tomorrow it changes to Rs. 70/1USD then it will show wrong results but API will update it

Math components will be a good option. And you can use extenisons too.

Welcome @Minur_Hussain :grin:

The best way is

  1. Using a Api to get current Exchange rates.
  2. Using that values calculate the amount with maths block.
  3. And some good UI/UX

And you are done :white_check_mark:


BTW, i’ve just found now a currency converter app , which have a free aia :grin::

It basically uses api , as others muntioned, but it would be a good example for you :wink:
It’s from a year ago, but i guess it’s still working :thinking: