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Currency Converter Expert for more than 50 currencies with latest exchange rate.
Our Supported Currencies are as follows:

AED / UAE Dirham
ARS / Argentine Peso
AUD / Australian Dollar
BGN / Bulgarian Lev
BRL / Brazilian Real
BSD / Bahamian Dollar
CAD / Canadian Dollar
CHF / Swiss Franc
CLP / Chilean Peso
CNY / Chinese Renminbi
COP / Colombian Peso
CZK / Czech Koruna
DKK / Danish Krone
DOP / Dominican Peso
EGP / Egyptian Pound
EUR / Euro
FJD / Fiji Dollar
GBP / Pound Sterling
GTQ / Guatemalan Quetzal
HKD / Hong Kong Dollar
HRK / Croatian Kuna
HUF / Hungarian Forint
IDR / Indonesian Rupiah
ILS / Israeli New Shekel
INR / Indian Rupee
ISK / Icelandic Krona
JPY / Japanese Yen
KRW / South Korean Won
KZT / Kazakhstani Tenge
MXN / Mexican Peso
MYR / Malaysian Ringgit
NOK / Norwegian Krone
NZD / New Zealand Dollar
PAB / Panamanian Balboa
PEN / Peruvian Sol
PHP / Philippine Peso
PKR / Pakistani Rupee
PLN / Polish Zloty
PYG / Paraguayan Guarani
RON / Romanian Leu
RUB / Russian Ruble
SAR / Saudi Riyal
SEK / Swedish Krona
SGD / Singapore Dollar
THB / Thai Baht
TRY / Turkish Lira
TWD / New Taiwan Dollar
UAH / Ukrainian Hryvnia
USD / United States Dollar
UYU / Uruguayan Peso
ZAR / South African Rand


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Why did you mentioned other topic in the aia file upload part of your post?

Did you really not concider supporting all currencies for an international app? Where is Serbian Dinar?

And where is Uzbek SUM? :grin: :unamused: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think it should not be hard to add ALL currencies bc the main code of transforming currencies is already made, so…


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as someone might be interested in need of an snippet

guys please don’t mock me, I am beginer in these app creation, i found that the free api i am using contains only these currency option, If you have better one please suggest me

Thank you

We don’t want to disturb you, do we? You are the developer and we gave you suggestions.

Please don’t take is abusive or smth. like that. That’s not what we wanted.

As always, your ideas are nice and we want to make them a pit-bit better by telling you our ideas.

:innocent: :hugs:


Thank you, If you know any other api which will support more currency conversions, please tell me.

Thank you again, and none taken

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I suppose you have used this API:
but as you know, Google is a good friend:

Google Search