Currency Converter

Who can help me to Create a two Currency converter App…?
Please help me…!!

Hello @Free_Angel, welcome to the community.

Since you are asking for a complete app, please specify your budget. If you are stuck somewhere, feel free to notify me and I will revert the category.

Have a nice day.

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If anyone know any source to study. give me the link plz

I just need to Create block part only.

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The code is what makes the app function


Youtube is your friend for learning

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You are using api or if you want to make app without api so you can make variables to store new update of currency .

The category of the post (#marketplace:request) suggests that OP wants to buy a project. As such, we do need a budget as pointed out by @ontstudios .

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What is this…? I do not understand. Please explain this…!!!

I do not need to buy a App. I just need to study this. Thank you.

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I need to store web API

Searched You tube and all videos are Hindi. I can not understand

Two currency converter App

You can learn from this app.

Understand the working of this app and you can use your own logic to do it.

With some logic and math, you can make your own currency converter app in 1 to 2 hours.

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Understandable languages?

Look at this one

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As you can see your questions leads to confusion. We can not help you with complete apps. We can help you with parts of it.

What have you tried yourself? Do you have experience in Kodular or another builder?



All Tutorial videos are in Hindi.