Kodular for noobs

I wanna learn kodular but don’t know a book to read or a full idea video guide on it pls give me or a pdf to know it :’(

Start with the forum. There is a section called Guides.


You can also go through tutorials made for Kodular, Thunkable, or AppyBuilder. Youtube has a lot of videos as well.

All three of those systems use the MIT App Inventor block building system as a base. So the blocks are very similar, and the techniques are very very close.

Start making a simple app, like a speech to text app. Sounds hard, but it is very very simple. Research, test, learn, repeat.


The best way to learn, is to dive in, try stuff, and see what stuff does. :smile: You could link your phone via the Companion, and see the changes in real time. It’s almost magical. It’s code. :wink:


Other tutorials are available on puravidaapps.com and kio4.com.


I think you can start from here:


Taifun made a good guide to learn App Inventor.


I tried but confused even button is difficult tbh

Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it. :slight_smile: What’s tough with the button?

OK am trying but still confused No video tutorial to see and learn

I don’t think you need to watch tutorials much, because App Inventor doesn’t require any coding, just you need to know English.

Check block descriptions, go Kodular docs for component usages etc.

For example you can start with: “Show a Hello World! dialog when button pressed.”

Just play with blocks! :slight_smile: If you need help just ask us.


Like making it interactive like I want to try creating a app with list view, like a app with various notes inside,

Start small. First make yourself comfortable with the Kodular workflow, and then try making complex apps. :slight_smile:


The best starter vids are from Thunkable. While Kodular is my preferred platform for what I need, these videos can still be helpful.


OK play with the blocks not my problem but Understanding the items us

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Could you elaborate more what do you mean? I do not get your point, have you problems with understanding the properties?

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The best thing would be to choose a simple project that you’d like to make. Then, open the Creator and try to make your app. If you will be stuck somewhere, search the forums and/or post your questions.

That’s called learning by doing. :slight_smile:


Check out Kodular Documentation (or with using ? button) to find out what is the usage of these components.
Try to make something, after a while you will know how to use them.


You’re not reading all the help here that you are getting. Someone told you to search Youtube. There are lots of video tutorials there.


OK thanks I will do

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Pixii Bomb has good content in her channel. Hope it can help you learn