How to make a multilingual kids learning app

Hello everyone I wanted to know how to create a multilinguill app for kids learning where the child can selecta a language if the child chooses english it should convert the whole app text to english and if the child chooses kanada it should change the whole app language to kanada

You can simply use Yandex Translate for it.
Make your app in english or kannada, whatever you prefer, and if the user selects another language, use yandex to translate it to the other language.

You can even try GT.

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An example for you to create a multilingual app:


but I didn’t understand how will it translate The whole app

Example -
Translate.aia (3.6 KB)

Add your Yandex API key and try it!


But it is just translating the switch text i want it to translate the whole app in one go

Did you -


Yes I added the API

Read my answer… And do what is in the topic I posted.