How to make a professional music app

I have searched a lot inside and outside the community for the best music player, and either I find incomplete applications, or I find them professional, but with difficult language and unorganized and too many blocks.
And I also found extention by deephost but forcing you into some primitive icons.
Has anyone connected or has an organized music player app.

You should have to try and in 2021 there is no one who can do work for you or someone give the aia & don’t use other aia because are not the owner of aia file

I know that … I tried a lot, but I encountered a problem, for example, in the time bar, no matter what I searched, I could not find a solution to it , Also I am not a professional yet I am still learning

Okay I will be helping you in making time bar but please try once and reply in which part you are facing problem.No One is here to make a full aia for you.

To make a professional music app similar to Spotify or Pandora.

  1. You will need to sign contracts with the original artists of the songs (unless it is a non copyright song).
  2. You will have to upload and encrypt thousands of music files.
  3. You will have to spend looking for an encryptable file upload service (free or not). So, there will be no video downloader apps. In most cases some of them can have malware or are fake. (I personally do not really like using these websites, or their desktop applications).
  4. You will have to pay for 100+ of paid extensions for a professional music app.
  5. Building an app like that will cost you a lot of money. (For extensions, especially third party services).
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Yes I agree with @cje9604

This provides an aia for how to do the timebar.

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I do not understand what this hostility is in community … If I ask any question, I see an attack from people. Why didn’t you try. You gotta try. Really, he did not try … What do you think that I or someone else if we try … Do we ask question here just for fun? Or did we try and not succeed!!!

So Sorry , I didnt mean it. I just wanted to say that please let you say which blocks are you not understanding? In which part you have a problem? Like an implementation of slider in music player?Or like showing current timing and total timing,so its easier for koders to understand what actually you have problem at. And also it will help you to improve yourself in Kodular ,Best of Luck?

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Text tends to seem hostile at times when it wasn’t intended to, don’t take any of it to heart. The community just prefers people to try something first, the way you worded your initial post, it says that you only tried to find a complete app or complete guide instead of trying it yourself.

It’s really fun to get your hands messy and try some creating yourself, best of luck!


Sorry for all that happened recently, it was my mistake from the beginning. I forgot to put the blocks and what I reached i have edited the post

Which Player are you using? Use ExoPlayer Instead of That.

First of all, you should use the below blocks. This should be after the player start so that player duration is known.

When Screen Initialize:
Set Slider Max Position To Player Duration.
And for the implementation of the slider please do like that:

When Slider is touched up:
Call Exoplayer Position To Slider Thumb Position
blocks (1)

You can use the clocks component to work it more perfectly. Like when the slider is touched up, after a second, call exoplayer seeks to slider thumb position. But it is your choice.

And You Can use this block for timing;

I think you will have a rough idea of it now. Give a try, Work for it and grab it. But a thing to know is Exoplayer or any default player doesn’t work for a long time in the background. If there is any problem then you can reply.

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Two must to follow steps before asking a question:

  1. Try it yourself
  2. Search community

I’ve seen a majority of members don’t follow these, not because they want to make us fun, but they want to save their Valuable Time and a Lazy Mind (!)

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