How to make an arrangemet full click like card view?

THEY ARE SAME else say component shall be clickable

Full clickable property dispatches/intercept any click on the child components of the layout, and calls the the layout click event instead.
You can say that the parent consumes any click events on its child components.Right now, it’s only available for the card view component.


actually , i want when my user click any where on the arrangement open another screen, even they click on the button of that arrangement open another screen, but in my block will only click action that come from arrangement click, show a block for me, then i can mark your answer as an solution ,

u mean when user clicked a button in arrangment .then code is
Drawing (5)
u mean when user clicked any arrangment .then code is
a27fef89-bb17-44c0-aa18-a9bfdf90cc0f (2)
take ur solution
well i send u code even it is not appropriate
happy coding

test and tell

but I found a normal solution by overlap :rofl: :rofl:

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I guess overlapping?

Please explain the solution here, so that others with similar problem can find the solution right away. AND mark that post as a solution. Not this :point_down:t2: @HN_Forest

Also, I personally would like to know how you did it. I didn’t understand what you said by that single line!!

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