How to Make App like deep host

It’s easy to make an app like this. Use dynamic components extension or recyclerview extension.


Step 1 -
Download this Extension and add this in your project, Thanks @Atom_Developer

Step 2 -

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Please tell more information with Tutorial

It is advisable to put “myextension.aix”
As you are making the app for Android not .zip as in the example.

All the required information is given here.

Also see this topic


Use this extension to create components dynamically

Some projects made with Dynamic components extension


And please remove screenshots of Deep host’s app.

Its about design
No problem, let it be.

A lot of guides were given above , why don’t you try it yourself ?

uhmm… these things can’t be made in 1 day try yourself.

You can duplicate it almost completely. Some visual effects don’t. That app was created with android studio…

We should help him
He is new to Kodular/Community
He may not know all about Kodular
We should direct him

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Thank you but i was tried all at first

Yes you are right

I think you know some basics about Kodular
You should first understand how Dynamic components extension works
With this extension, you can create components programmatically with blocks

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I have aleready know this i want to know airtable get coulum and use dynamic cardview and label

Airtable returns data in JSON form
Read this

Thank you but you have any suggestion to make this app in KODULAR

You can make almost all types of apps in Kodular