How to make Arrangement invisible programmatically?

I am using Yusufcihan’s extension. How do I make a component invisible? Is that the right property name for visibility?

Simply set Visible property to false.

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Do you see anything wrong with my code in the screenshot?

Your code should work.

It doesn’t work. Strange. The response is 12003. That is the ID of the component. I have tried 12001 to 12003. In the list it is 12003 after I “do it”. But it just won’t go invisible

Try using manual input.

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This one works, but why does the first one doesn’t?

Probably GetComponent accepts int while Notifier outputs string.

Oh I see. Is there a way to make the dialog box work? maybe numerify the string ? :laughing:

By the way, do you know if there is a list of property that I can see to use with the exxtension? So, I wouldn’t guess need to guess whether it is “visibility”, “visible”, “invisible” etc.

By the way, this works… Hmmmm :thinking:

It is easy to do in Java but not possible in Blockly.
You can use if-else condition to make it work.

As extension just creates an reflection of original component so what you can do is to use this value as property:

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I see. Ok. But look at my last post. The string works. That pink box thing. Now it is a mystery, or a bug.

EDIT: Wrong Notifier. :expressionless: Mystery solved.

By the way, do you know of a way to make dynamic cards invisible? I can’t put it in an arrangement because of some long winded reason.

It is an #off-topic question.
Please ask questions related to extensions in their respective topics.

Don’t double post please. Next time you will be suspended from the community.

Yeah. I am sorry.

Actually you can get a list of designer properties of any component by this :point_down: method

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Wait… Actually, I double posted in this thread. I didn’t double post the in the main thread. What should be deleted is my post here (number 13)).Not the thread I opened. That was not a double post…

That’s brilliant!! Thank you!