How to make filter in list view image and text in kodular?

i wanna make filter bar to find data which i want from list view image and text.
how to make it?
can you give me advice?

you can search in list, by using is in list option, use for search list, which list having title of list,

or check this i have created a method for that, applied in my app,



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if it is used in list view image and text, it will not search anything
i have tried it.

you have to create a method for it, to show, let me create and try it, and then post other blocks here

here is full method and working, i have checked after creating, use your lists instead of mine





i will try it

just little suggestion use just contains text block instead of is equal block

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both works same, but this one will not show any error,

i know nut it reduces block

because i read it in community


it is only search title, how to search subtitle?

needs a little changes, but i recommend you to try it by your own self, Learn it how its working and try to configure,

i will read it, :smile: thank you

solved it.
i use spinner as type of searching

but how can i search without write same latter?
example :
in list view the title is written “Ayunda”

when i write “ayunda”, it doesnt show the result but when i write “Ayunda”, it show the result


it work in airtable?

Definitely, Yes.