How to make Fonts size responsive on all devices? Also How to find screen width?

I have a problem with my fonts responsiveness I am working on it to make it responsive according to screen width and fonts aspect but its not working for me. I watched many videos and did the same but even its not working for me. The special thing is I am missing that screen width size Or you can say when I right click on the screen width in blocks so the (Do it) function is not showing for me Its hidden as you can see in the picture, Please what’s wrong with my code. Thanks in advance.

This Do it will work or enabled after connecting with companion.

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Hi I am very thankful for your help and it worked for me now the (do it ) showing. But why my fonts size is not changing according to the kodular designer virtual mobiles like you see s9plus, google pexels etc. I have done all the coding but the fonts still not changing with the kodular devices.