How to make listview table view?

Hello everyone, friends. I’m working on an application. I use the “listview” object in the application and import data into it with “sqlite”. My question is: “How can I get the listview object to table view?”. I want to create rows and columns and place my data in this way. Thank you…

Read :


I guess you don’t quite understand what I mean my friend :). I want to show the data coming from sqlite as a table in listview. Thanks :smiley:

Didn’t you read or want the blocks ready? The topic above the user wants to separate the return from sqlite and put it in the listview.

buddy not like you said, i want to do it like this:

I want to have a list view like this. Let there be columns and columns and headings.

again thanks :smiley:

He already made an app with a 3-column leadboard and header.

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