How to separate this merged list of data after run query in SQL lite

i am using SQL lite extension link is here Yet another SQLite extension (Free)

when i get data from database i receive data like

Explanation want to get this merged data into separate form
here in screenshot in list view u see that data is like [ria,2] actually ria is from one column and 2 is id and it is from another coloumn
instaed of showing data from a single coloumn at one index it is showing data from both columns

blocks (22)

i have tried following methods but not worked


*explanations it is still not what i want… I want to get names data separatly and id list (if i want to show only id in list view)
Mean i want to get data of these name and id lists separately and want to show the respective on demand


use this block it will split text into lists using sepator…



I used it but not worked

Try, before changing the “[ ]”, to change space with a delimiter /; -, then change the " [ ]". Now split in the delimiter you entered. (/ ; -)

Just store spilitted list into 3rd variable named xyz.

Now where splitting occurs just add 1st element of xyz to another list abc and second element to jkl your list item will get seperated to different lists

I do something like this in order to obtain in a csv table the data from the query (including the column names).

for example I call the procedure with the following sql “select * from myTable”

I have selected data with aggregated amounts, group by and having.
No issue for me. The procedure works as I needed it to.

hope it helps …

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