Having problems while spliting a string to diffrent items in list

Everytime this specific screen initializes in my app, it gets a web response from a CSV file which later reads line by line. Every line has a string which separates diffrent things with a comma like this : latitude,longitude,brightness,scan and etc. All I need to do is to divide this string with every comma as a separator thus adding every separated item into a list and then finally using the “select list item” block and the index parameter it offers to receive any item I want. I 've been trying to do this for months now and it’s kind of a huge issue for me because there is no other practical alternative that I’m aware of. If anyone could help me with this I would appreciate it a lot.

Thanks in advance!

Do it result to analyze the errors.

Post a screenshot of your spreadsheet. How do you store data?

For example I save each marker info in google spreadsheet in json form

and then when I I call data from spreasheet I add markers from json string

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This helped a whole lot! Unfortunately the site I’m using to request the information doesn’t offer this JSON structure. Here’s an example of it:

So actually you have one column and each cell contains all info ? If this is the case try something like this

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I used +1-1 because of the strange behavior described below

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It finally works!!! Thank you so much for your help!! This has helped me a ton with this and other projects that I’m working on!

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Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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