How to make this type of animated listview with dynamic components

use phase
create different ids for each list and try hope it wrks


i have created differents isd but this is not working

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show blocks once

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ok wait hello

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It’s Simple Bru :slightly_smiling_face:

Initially Clock1 Timer Interval From Designer Screen Is 0.

Use Any Phase Technique Of Your Wish.

Phase Technique SlideInUp -

Phase Technique SlideInLeft -


thankl you so much

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i have done pm you please check

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how to set length of list here :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

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For Static Number Of Components Use A Conditional Statement At The End Like This -

The if then Control Statement Will Lead To Only 5 (Use Any Number Of Your Wish) CardViews.

For Varying Number Of Components Like Dependent On A Length Of List Use A Conditional Statement Like This -


wher is for each loop ?and my data is coming from airatble which are length of list

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It’s Not There.

You Don’t Need It.

The Clock and if then Control Statement Together Behaves Like A for each Loop.

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ok i m trying your block

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