How to make Video conference app using WebRTC?

There some tutorials/guides those shows us how to make a video conferencing app in kodular.
They used and jitsi.
There are some limitations if we use these services like:

  1. have a limit of 10000 minutes.
  2. Jitsi have a limit of 100 people at one video conference. And they also have their own branding and server.
    Can we use WebRTC For making video conferencing app?
    If yes then how can we do that?
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Yes, but as far as I know it would be only browser based. You will need a server that support nodejs and you can easily make a browser based webRTC. Look around on github

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Yoi need to create own server and app

Hello! I see Agora and Jitsi mentioned, and other third-party providers include Twilio, Vonage, and Daily (full disclosure: I work at Daily).

While you could build a WebRTC application yourself, there are a few limitations that third-party providers take care of:

  • Cross-device issues
  • Network bandwidth and track/encoding configurations for more than 1:1 calls
  • Scaling

But, if you want to build yourself, I find this repository really useful: GitHub - openrtc-io/awesome-webrtc: A curated list of awesome WebRTC modules and resources.

I hope this helps!


Welcome @Kimberlee_Johnson

Did you do it , using a tool that uses blocks ?

I haven’t personally, but I have seen a few people use a tool like that to implement video conferencing. It’s for sure possible!

I will and try to make the app.

Cannot we use web viewer and ask for camera and microphone permission to make a call?

Ok, thanks for helping.

Are these the limitation of WEBRTC?
So, which service you’ll suggest to use?
And obviously thanks.

Yes, we can do such applications, but we need time. :sweat_smile:. They are very nice ideas. I would like to create such a program, but I want it to be on my own server, and only in my country. I have to study the server and web rtc and a lot to do.

When I have time :frowning:

:innocent:I also made some apps. I know this takes a lot of time. And this is complex. I understand :nerd_face:
And thanks.

You can use custom webviewer to give permissions.

Agora is a good platform and you will not beat the capabilities and scalabilities. You should focus on monetization of your app so you could afford agora.

I already built a video conference app using agora. Thanks for your suggestions.
But I have a question,
How to make a good ui in the app made with agora?
Like curved edges.

Is your app browser based?

No, I used custom webview in it and asked for camera and mic permission.

That is browser based so you will have to do the design in css and html

Those aren’t necessarily limitations of WebRTC, but the limitations of trying to build your own video conferencing solution with WebRTC from scratch, instead of using a provider who has already abstracted away some of that complexity like Agora, Twilio, or my company Daily (I’m biased!). I hope this helps!

But I don’t know how to code. Just have some basic senses.

Thanks that helps.

You could find somone on Fiverr who could do the design for around $20 or maybe less. That is the cheapest option i think