Want make video chat app

hi everyone who see my post i want make video chat app on koduler can anyone explain? plz

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This will help you alot… & Please next time search before creating topics…


this site is not working here

you are from ?

im from Pk now live from UAE

If you are looking for creating video conference app or software, I would suggest you to go through this tutorial: building video conferencing application

It might help you, topic link- Video Conferencing App With Kodular


Merhaba web görüntüleyiciye mikrofon ve web kamerası erişimi nasıl vereceğimizden biraz daha bahsedersen veya bir uzantı kullanıyorsan hangisini kullanacağız teşekkürler

Hello! If you talk a little more about how to give microphone and webcam access to the web viewer or which one will we use if you are using an extension thanks

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Actually, I am also having problem with that.

nasıl yani

Please, add posts only in English, ok? So you must translate your post to English…

yes that will be better