How to open a image from a link without a webview?

Please I need help on how to open a image from a link without a webview?. I already use the PANEL extension by Cedrik. ex: I have an image in opening screen, I want to change it without needing to update the app like we do with texts and Booleans etc. A little recommendation can be helpful. Thanks for reading.

You can directly set link as picture in block of image component

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1)if you want to change the image once, then you just need the component
Example image: image>setPicture:=protocol HTTPS://,

2)if you constantly want to change the image, without exporting the application, that is, ONLINE, you will need two components: 1)Image 2)real-time reference point Sample database: Screen1Initialize =>Image1>SetPictureTo:=RealTimeDatabase>get the value (tag=Your tag (no difference), value =(any link to the image). In this case, you can change the image via the Firebase Realtime Database, just change your value in the tag online, and it will automatically change in the application.

Sincerely, Muhammet

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