How to open image in webview

Hi, I want to put a image into webview for make zoomable image.
However, I never used webview before, So I don’t know what I need to put into url.
Can you tell me the way to show image through webview?

  1. Create a basic HTML file that has an , store it as an asset
  2. Where the image path is in the HTML set it to REPLACEME
  3. Use the File Read component to read the file.
  4. Use the Replace Text option and replace the REPLACEME with the local path of the image.
  5. Write the file as an HTML
  6. Use Webview Open HTML and open the new file.


Or, Use the short click and long click options on the image to change the image size.

On short click make image 100% bigger
On long click make image 200% bigger.

It is not so complicated…

Just go to URL: file:///mnt/sdcard/path/to/your/image.jpg

In case of online image, load it’s url:


This snippet by @Taifun might come handy

App Inventor and animated gifs

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