How to open a new group in WhatsApp through the application?

Is it possible to log in to a new group (or group that the user has already logged into) in whatsapp through my app?

you can use whatsapp group link, with activity starter

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Is there any way the app can join the group (via link) and send a message there with no user interaction (of course the user clicks a button (in my application) to do this)

no. whatsapp doesnt let you do this,

Is there any way to send a message to the group (I think it can only be sent to a certain number)

i think ad agency type user o that, to send there links or ads message to whatsapp group, but i think without opening whatsapp we cant send messages to user or group, if possible in any way, then we may found many apps like these types

I was going to ask if you can send a message to a particular group (like you can send a message to a certain number but still the user will have to click on whatsapp to send the message)

i think thats not possible user must have to open whatsapp

I don’t know that it can be work or not you should check this I don’t have time to read full documentation but I think this can help you just read this documentation


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