How to open one signal push notification containing a URL in my web viewer app and not in the default browser?

I have made a app from a website with webview, but i want the notification i send with url to open in app not in browser.
Please help it urgent i had searched every where i am not able to find solution.

I have a affiliated Website with One Signal. Recently, I have created a Web View App for it. And successful to send push notification whenever I create a new post. But the push notification allows a user to open in the default browser not in the App. Tried many things. Didn’t work.

After doing a search in the community you could have found this thread


cannot send push notification with web link to this app i cannot open website link that are send from push notification inside the app not in web browser please help me to resolve this if it do its amazing and wonderful

read my previous answer and if there are still questions, then ask in this thread… do not open a new with the same question… thanky you…


i cannot find your previous answer give me link