How to overpass the black/white problem? (I have searched before)

Hello all,

First of all, I have searched the forum and tried all the possible solutions I have found without result (I am a bit newbie in Kodular).

The problem is the well known black/white problem with light/dark theme. I am not able to overpass this problem in any way.

I have cecked the “light Theme” options in the project’s configuration:

I have imported an extension called DisableDarkMode, from Mohamed Tamer, but the help/creator page does not exist anymor and I receive an error message (I do not know if the extension is buggy or if I do not how to use it)

Evidently, the right image is from the app installed, and the left one is as it is seen in companion.

Any help or idea?

Thanks in advnced

May be using outdated deephost extension

Please make sure you are using latest version of extensions in your project

Thanks for your answer @Still-learning

I have checked this extension, but it seems not to be nothing related to the problem. It is about SQL connections :fearful:

You are ok, but some times it is very difficult because the creators does not support then anymore. In fact I found this extension searchin for the problem in the forum

Create a copy of your project, remove the extensions one by one and see which causes the problem.

Please provide a link to the extension
@Mohamed_Tamer might want to check