How to parse this json

How to use that block.where to enter attribute name & json object name.can you tell me

Are you using an extension to work with Json? Please read about dictionaries …

If they’re getting data through an API, dictionaries are not going to help unless they use an extension to convert it.

My API returns Json from PHP Scripts and use Kodular’s blocks (without extension)…

Interesting, because I get an error saying it’s not a dictionary last time I tried… Maybe I’m remembering something else.

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Dictionary is little bit complex to me comparison to json tools extension to parse json.

Friend, you are not reading my answers … look at the latest … web.json + dictionary examples.

I read this.there not given how to read subjson object.& i already create my app with json tools extension.that’s why i didn’t trying dictionary right now

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I too getting this

Response content:

      "change_log":"No log",

I tried your method but geeting error

Is not a well-formed list of pairs

That’s because there are no such things as keys in arrays. Use the for each item in list block or select a specific item from the list.

Sorry ,
This block above is from the answer I suggested above. These blocks are Peter’s.

Before the dictionary blocks existed, I used this:

I want to know this how does the list of pairs look like?


I know about JSON and i already developed app that fetch json from web. In that app i used json utility. After kodular removed that awesom tool now i was trying to learn dictionary but its so confusing.

How can i fetch json object which is inside array using dictionary?

All your suggestions are just fetch json objects

Why you are not create a specific topic for it?
When you mark a post as a solution you need to ask other questions in other topic.

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By Key Path…

Walking Key path …