How to parse this json

Dictionary is little bit complex to me comparison to json tools extension to parse json.

Friend, you are not reading my answers … look at the latest … web.json + dictionary examples.

I read this.there not given how to read subjson object.& i already create my app with json tools extension.that’s why i didn’t trying dictionary right now

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I too getting this

Response content:

      "change_log":"No log",

I tried your method but geeting error

Is not a well-formed list of pairs

That’s because there are no such things as keys in arrays. Use the for each item in list block or select a specific item from the list.

Sorry ,
This block above is from the answer I suggested above. These blocks are Peter’s.

Before the dictionary blocks existed, I used this:

I want to know this how does the list of pairs look like?


I know about JSON and i already developed app that fetch json from web. In that app i used json utility. After kodular removed that awesom tool now i was trying to learn dictionary but its so confusing.

How can i fetch json object which is inside array using dictionary?

All your suggestions are just fetch json objects

Why you are not create a specific topic for it?
When you mark a post as a solution you need to ask other questions in other topic.

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By Key Path…

Walking Key path …

I answered the original question that was being asked, so my reply got chosen by @msr79526.

And no you don’t, as long as it is relative to the original question or topic. @gopi asked about JSON Arrays while the poster asked about how to parse JSONs.

How can i open json array by index.can you tell me

blocks (3)

give a link to the api, I will make you an aia file

for list use this block
blocks (4)

sorry i couldn’t get the image.

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