How To Protect MySQL app

Hello coders does anyone know how i m protect my app from hackers they are using game guardian to hack my app and its work he incenses their points to unlimited and they are withdraw the points i dont know how…my all data is stored in MySQL database please help me…how to protect…

Use hashing and encryption to make it more difficult to hack the points.

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can u tell me how m add it to blocks with any example please its help me a lots

You can protect your data using encryption, the cryptography components will help to encrypt as well a decode the data.

You can save data in mysql in encrypted ( Encoded) form and decode it in App using cryptography component.

Hope it helps

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hey ye pata hai lekin isme v ek dikkat hai agar hume task k baad bande ka wallet m paise add krna ho to wo + nhi ho skta encoded data m isliye maine socha cmunity m baat krlu

Blocks you can use for hashing and cryptography are documented:

More about (comparable) encryption App Inventor Extensions: AES Encrypt/Decrypt | Pura Vida Apps

If you want the blocks, you have to do it yourself or you can ask for paid development.

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Decode block is also available, it helps to convert a encoded data into simple readable form.

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You can PM on this Kodular community

hy the paid development price?

What do you offer?