How connect with Sql database by using cryptography to secure the data

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I developing app which is collecting set of complaints from employee and i want to make secure connection with Mysql data by using cryptography blocks please help me how to use cryptography blocks and i’m newbie so plz help me with full blocks.Much appreciate for you helps .

welcome to Kodular, i wana ask have you tried that ? try that and you will find that easy to use, Docs on Cryptography is still under process and soon it will updated in

Thanks @ImranTariq .Will try

here it is updated to Docs,

Hi @ImranTariq

Thanks for the update and i’m not able to understand since i’m newbie here, If possible can you help with example code or can you share any video or example link.

Thanks in advance for your help.

currently i cant find any tutorial on that, you can try by your self and if you stuck ask again with your blocks, (because i am busy these days so cant make any example)

Sure will try and will let you know.

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