How to receive background Push Notification even app is closed?

When the app is open, receiving notification from onesignal is working.
But when you swipe out your app to make it totally close, you can’t received notification anymore.

How to receive background Push Notification even app is closed?

app always receive notification from push notifications when it close, if you are using any app killer or battery optimization which kill app to save battery then maybe you will not receive any notifications,

But is the push notification work like badge count over launcher icon. If no then how to do this when app closed by user and developer want that app installed on device launcher icon show badge count.

you can use shortcut badge from experimental components

I have a app show every time new list item on collintree list view . Everytime a user ad new data it’s also shows to other users . How i use bage count to show to notify other user. Any blocks

Instead of asking for solutions you should really try to learn first…


Do read more about OneSignal and notifications: OneSignal documentation

This happened even with me. Push notification wont work 100% when app is completely closed. If you go to one signal app and send the notification then it may work. But say if u design a chat app and want to send the push notification to the other user in chat app it wont go until and unless the app is open.