Notification until not seen

Suppose my app is closed and i get a push notification from onesignal and i have cleared it from the staus bar but not opened it, but there should be a count of notifications on the app from outside without opening app …how can i do this?

You cannot do that because the app cannot run in the background to check whether a notification is received.

So can i lock the notification on status bar until it is not opened

I am not sure does it works but try using push notifications Notification Received block.

I think this will only work when app is running.

Yes, that what I am trying to say, you cannot do that while the app isn’t running.

No you can’t and you shouldn’t as it may annoy your users.

Actually im developing an app for a tutions app and that’s what they want

Why u want to count them?

by count i mean i want to show then this many messages are left to see

The simple answer is NO you cannot do that as currently AI2 doesn’t support background functioning.

I think you can do that when user come back to your app.

Did u used push notification got tags block?

Yea, that maybe an alternative but his original problem

Cannot be solved

so isn’t there any permission to lock the notification?

No you can’t do that.


In your app or in notification bar?

i meant on the app icon but i get it that it is not possible

Yes not possible outside of the app on icon but possible within the app.

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