How to "recycle"/save Airtable's data

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My app is about showing news in Cardview extension, with all data taken from Airtable. I refresh the news once a week (it takes so much time to actually refresh).
Every time I open the app, it loads the same news and it takes some annoying seconds, which I imagine is avoidable. How can I save/recycle the same data in order to avoid this little time of waiting when I open the time? Like saving the data into the user’s device and only when a new item is added in Airtable, the button “upload” shows up and do what it is supposed to.

You can use tiny dB to store news list.

I have thought about. Is there any link or image you can share with me to see how?

Sorry I can not share any image now.
This can be helpful:

Is SQLIte good for this?

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You can use any Offline Database.

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