How to redirect to my Browser

I have searched many topics in Community but, I could not understand why these all are not working.

I want, If link clicked then select my Browser and the Link will open in my browser. Not in Chrome or else.

I am using the Custom Web Viewer Extension. But I want to setup redirect any link to my browser. Even I am using Default Browser system by CustomWebViewer Extension.

Please tell me how to do that? If Possible then Please guide me through some sample blocks.

You can use deeplink extension.


Can you please guide me how to do, at your own time?

I donot prefer to tell because community does not support deephost extensions , so you should find an another way

Ok! If I will use Custom Web Viewer then, Is there any way? I have tried the default deeplink option but it is not working! with the Get Start Value Block.

Yes , Possible with custom webview

Do You know how? Can you please help me?
1)Enter Screen Name
2)Download Extension
3)Enable deeplinks and turn of support multiple windows

Hello @Navneet_Jaiswal
Where should I place the Blocks, In Screen Initialize or I have to create any Condition for that ?

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