How to remove background image of layout with help of blocks

if a layout contains a background image and the image is to be changed with normal background color how to do this with the help of blocks…

From layout component , you can change image or color


this is not working…i have tried

color is changing but the image is overlaying the layout

For me it works


not working for me…below there is gradient being overlayed by image

Maybe you have to change the order of the blocks cause I do not know how you arrange the different layouts in your screen (hide - visible) . I tested with only one layout

Simple & 100% working @ammar5287

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Where is the block to change the color?

i have tried this also but its not working

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i am using color gradient extension which u can see below the image

Which Extension your are using for gradient colors


I don’t know why this is happening?
May be other could help you.

You can set the image visibility to false.

m just adding one more layout to fulfill my purpose

Better you show your aia.