How to remove or reduce the size of card views in dynamic components

Hello guys, I am working with dynamic components and I realized that among the card views that I generate there is a certain space that I would like to know if I can eliminate it or reduce it a bit.

Just increase the size of the side of the cardview.

Content pading? the problem is that I have an image with full parent and I don’t want the border to show.* @Victor_Ken

Just leave the content padding bottom, left, right and top as 0 and increase the percentage of width.

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If you want the image to completely fill the card without the empty spaces, set all content paddings (left,top,bottom,right) to 0.

Edit: Victor beat me to it^

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If the space is reduced, but the image it contains does not occupy the size of the card viewer.

Please share a screenshot so we can help you.

You take the spaces out of the cardview like this, image
and adding the image to fullscreen
It will look just the way you want it.

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If I do this, the space returns.

With this block he forces the image to occupy the entire card view. Show the blocks, I think you must be doing something wrong.

I use those blocks and I still have the space.

You have to set Elevation to 0 too. I create cardviews with photos inside that full the whole space using dynamic components extension and it works very well for me but all paddings and elevation must be set to 0 :blush:

Can you show me a picture of your companion or apk result please?

Please show “your” blocks so we can help you!

I am too facing this problem
After enabling scale picture to fit To true
It does not fit to cardview

This Issue I am facing in every project

Please show your blocks for better understanding!

Here is the Designer Section Image :

Screenshot (297)

Here Is The Block Section Image :

If you Find Any Mistake So Let me know
This is A Bug

Please show the photo that the companion or apk shows you.

It Look Something Like this :