How to remove sound from CardView?

I read several topics here on the forum and the Kodular manual, but I didn’t understand how I can remove the button sound when clicking.
I have a CardView that I use as a button and every time I click on it, a sound is played.

How can I remove this callback sound?

Did you add any sound block earlier in your app? Show your blocks

Nothing Like this . I think You Have enabled Sound on Click on Your Device

Can You Share the Audio File


Well, I just added some CardViews to my project. When I click, I receive a sound feedback.

These are my blocks.

Disable touch sounds in your phone’s settings and see if problem still occurs

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OMG, my phone makes me feel ashamed.
All apps play sound. :flushed:
Sorry friends, I should have paid attention to that detail.
I usually use vibration mode.

Thank you for everything!!

Amazing kodular… Didnt think this one…

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