How to save an offline file?

Hello Friends,
How can I save a offline file to tiny db from a url ?

Mean :-
If I enter a link to a text box and click a button , then download the file to tiny db from that link …

Then,in future, when users click another button , then show the filename (which stored to tiny db) to a label…
How it it ?

Thanks @bodymindpower ,
But it’s only a question…
It haven’t blocks to show and debug…

Anyway, @bodymindpower ,
I edited it !

After download a file , you get filepath variable… then save it to tinydb…


Thanks my dear @4netsolutions1
You solved my question :smiley:

But, can I Store it without downloading ?

You can store its link…

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Ikr, but, it want to download after click the button,
Can I Store the link as filename without downloading ?

You will get a file name from link. You can use it…

TinyDB is to store text and not files
to store files the recommendation is to store them in the ASD - Application Specific Directory
you might want to use this extension by @bodymindpower


Tnx, I will try it in my next project :slight_smile:

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