How to send BOTH a Message and an IMAGE in Whatsapp

blocks (88) ![blocks (89)|690x306]

Sore of like JOINING the two???

Which extension is this? And why is there another account at this ip adress @Tony2

May I know how The palette Came in Blocks Section

hmm its an imported screen

First This project is corrupted

yes I know. I used a Whatsapp extension did terrible damage.

I had to do a ton of rework


Try using this

Or the other And only way is to use this

Whose Extension Are you Telling because

I Have Also Developed 2-3 extensions

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Sorry. “a”

It doesn’t Look Like a solution Please Mark in in appropriate Answer So I have removed It

i posted the same problem few days ago. use this extension -

and this block -


but this block will not help you to send that message+image to a particular contact. user has to choose that person in whatsapp application.

well my complete blocks were like this -


Mark my reply as solution if you find it helpful : )


So, let’s say I take a picture with e camera and write a message.

ow will your block know where the picture is and what message to send


this block is of no use i think :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:image