How to send push notifications to only particular user?

Hi Koders,
I want to know that how to send push notifications to only particular users that how to do that…

get the player id of that user and save this player id with users name or email in you server or database. now whenever you need to send the push to a specific user just use his player id ans send it.

(you can also create categorised segments for it in onesignal dashboard)

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@manishthetechguy Can you tell me what is player id as I am aware of this.

player id is a unique identification number for each user goven by one signal itself. you can use this id to send push to a specific user.

(similar to firebase auth user id)

I tried to do it but there is only the possibility of sending a push message to all subscribed users, but not to a specific one.

With what block can that be done?


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