How to set default country code before mobile number?

Hi friends, Actually I have created a Blood Donors App, So as a verification purpose I use a Firebase authentication system, But the problem is without country code OTP does not come to the mobile.
So how to set a default country code before the number ?

Block Part

Thank You.

Use join block…
If you want the app is only be used in one country then just join country code and Number. {Textbox}.text

Else download deephost country code picker extension and use it following his video

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As DjJohn07 said,
i am using today in my app, so like this
in label1 text i am storing country code from Deep Host Number Picker Extension


But still not send the OTP.

1: make sure you have configured firebase authentication properly,
2: make sure number format is correct for exemple, for my country, country code needed +92 and number 349xxxxxxx, if you enter 0092, not work, and if enter number like 0349xxxxxx will not work, must b complete number, like +91898xxxxxxx

see this