How to share the link of the app with Taifun screenshot?

Hi guys
I will soon publish my first app and I wanted to know before how I can share the link of my app when using Taifun Screenshot sharing option.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Be clear with your query! Can you explain more?

So I know how to share the image of my screen with “Taifun screenshot” but I would like to put the address or link of the app, so that user can share the screen of my app with the direct link to download it.

Thanks in advance
Here is a screenshoCapture t

Kodular offers its own screenshot component, see here Screenshot - Kodular Docs

just add the link to your app on Google Play


The Kodular screenshot makes an awful noise. I prefer the "Taifun Screenshot.
I will see if I can find the solution
Thanks anyway

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That’s just the default screenshot sound of your device.