How to show images uploaded to cloudinary or firebase storage in view flipper?

Hi everyone. I am making an app which collects images uploaded by various users, and displays all images uploaded on a view flipper. Before this i directly added the images’ URL using the make a list block. But the problem arised when i simply put the cloudinary or get firebase project bucket block. Can anyone tell me how to overcome this or suggest any alternative?
P.S.- I have tried storing the cloudinary URL in firebase but can’t seem to retrieve or run it into the view flipper.
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Please Use Airtable To store Links of Images and then retrive data from airtable to Flipper.

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Thanks for answering. Should I use cloudinary or firebase storage for storing the images?

You can use Cloudinary to store your images.

can you send me screenshots of the blocks?

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What happens exactly?

And when uploaded to firebase storage, I still can’t get the value of many tags at the same time

Actually the image gets uploaded pretty well. But the when I store the URL in firebase it gets distorted like Https://\ref.cloudinary… That’s the problem. Also, since in firebase each record must have a unique tag, I can’t get the value of all tags at the same time(which I want to get). Since I am new to this, can someone tell me how to get value of different tags at the same time from firebase or suggest any alternative?
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Just search it in community and you will find a lot of methods.

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