How can I call an image from Firebase to Kodular?

How can I call an image from Firebase to Kodular?

Not working :disappointed:

Did you add links directly in firebase ?

Yes i did.

If you add a label to get value then you wll find that all you get is https

In order to work url should be for example in the form of …


If you wish post a url here to show you the changes

Add " in the beginning of the url and again in the end " . Replace every / with \/


In firebase add as string


Like this?


Also add " in the beginning and in the end

Still not working :pensive:

Works fine for me. Add a label and set text to get value and post a screenshot of the result


Which project bucket has you defined? I think that it is a problem with project bucket and tags.

Try this way

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Hello @dora_paz I try this on my main project, but not working.

Can you check my aia, if I send you?

Not working :disappointed:

Post or pm me your aia to check it

Also only one account is allowed in the community. Which one should I keep or should I ban all ?

@New_Ora is not my account :unamused: delete that account if you want.

Check pm please

@dora_paz sorry for wasting your time. Problem fixed :wink:

… and the problem was …?

I think I already have too many blocks on my main screen, so it’s not working. But when I use the Image Utilities component to load an image, everything works perfectly.