Firebase data to List View Image

I can do it if the format is like this (above)

But if the firebase is like this(above) I cant put it to list_view_image
Help me, show some simple blocks Thanks!

Show what you have tried so far or wait for someone who wants a badge to reply.

You can export the resultin json format by

and decode it

Why don’t you search in community, like this??

I try it all still unfortunate. and they all use list view not list view image.

When you press button global lists are empty so move blocks after lists are populated from firebase

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I did it same result. and the loop is tripled bcoz the loop from tags and the loop every Got_Value.

Do you wish to post aia here ?

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Add clock component

In designer part , set interval as 250/500/1000.

In firebase got value block just add set clock timer enabled to true at the end

When clock timer,
Set clock timer enabled to false + for each number from to by block

testListViewImage.aia (3.7 KB)
Take a look pls.


Try this

testListViewImage_1.aia (4.5 KB)

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The problem that you have is that you added url manually to firebase. The format should be


See also here

Thank you, you actually solve it.

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Not a big problem at all but still thanks this is probably my next problem.

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